Church Handover

“To Gateway church & the Kain family

Russ & Bibi, today marks the beginning of what God has been preparing you for during the last 20 years at NCF. You have both left a huge hole behind you which we are battling to fill. For Sue and I personally, you have been a massive source of encouragement, and your love and care is deeply missed. You have thousands of people in Africa who love you and are praying for you. We are a phone call away, please keep in touch.

Jeddie boy, you are going to have an amazing future in England. I believe that one day you are going to preach the word powerfully. God has his hand on you and is going to use your love for books to equip his saints.

Abby, God is going to give you friends in the UK as precious as the ones you have left behind. I believe that you are going to be a model for many young people who you meet.

To gateway church, we give to you one of our very best sons. Russ is the most courageous man I know. He is righteous and God fearing. In him you have a very safe leader. Bibi is a machine, she can do just about anything. We commend them to you in the highest means possible. Love them, care for them and pray for them as they lead you. In their sending church (NCF) you have a big brother for life, we are here when ever you need us.

Finally, Nigel and Melita we are looking forward to your arrival, pack your sunscreen and your sun shades, see you soon.

Love from Grant, Sue and the NCF elders.”