Russ & Bibi Kain

Russell and Bibi who presently lead Gateway were married in July 1995 at NCF Church, Pietermaritzburg South Africa. Russell’s background is in Hydrology and while working for the University of Natal, felt the call of God to ministry. Bibi was doing a diploma in nursing at the time and God orchestrated their paths to cross and fall in love. They are adventurers at heart and love hiking, cycling, travel and exploring the beauty of God’s creation. They were brought onto the eldership team at NCF Church in the September of 1995 and spent the 20 years that followed ministering locally and translocally under the visionary leadership of Ray Oliver at first and then Grant Crawford. In the late 90’s they supported for a period of 6 months the Forbes family who were Church Planting in Mongolia. In the wake of the devastating earthquakes in Turkey in 1999, they relocated to Turkey for a period of two years to represent a structural engineering firm’s innovative new building technology and to support the Church in Turkey.

Russ and Bibi have 3 children, Joshua, Abigail and Jed. They believe God has a significant awakening in store for the UK. The best is yet to come. To that end they aim to love God, love people, and disciple the nations.